Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quality

My first word in video production is "understandability". Second word is actually a phrase, "relate to your target viewers". Quality in the video world, I think, tends to be more skewed towards some geek thinking that you need the latest and greatest 4k video camera or some other techie piece of gear. I think quality video needs to be steady and well lit, it does not need the latest and greatest tech to be good.

One reality of video is that all your high quality raw video, goes from this huge piece of video, all the way down to the size of a playing card, for viewing in a browser. The audio survives the downsizing better than the video. So I worry more about the audio, spending more time getting that recorded as cleanly as I can. This is usually complicated though by the tendency of the client to be nervous which is heard in their voice, and by the typical lack of preparation, such that the client requires several attempts before they have fluidly pieced together what they want to say. It is the audio that carries the "understandability". It is the words that the client chooses for the audio that "relates to their target viewers"

I think a good business video boils down to keeping things simple and easy to understand and speaking with the words that your hoped for customers are going to relate to.

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