Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Capital Brewery

Music captured from an event on the premises, a reputable decision maker doing the speaking, a good job speaking both word- and body language-wise. Relevant b-roll. There's a fair amount to like in this video.

I will be the first to confess that this video is long in the tooth. While it's not that old, Kirby Nelson, the narrator, has moved on from Capital to another local brewer. This explicitly reveals a hazard to making a video with a high profile speaker. If that person leaves, are kind of out of luck. The alternative to taking this risk, which is true for just about every video with a human in it, is to not do a video. So the question is are you fear driven? or willing to take a reasonable risk? That is a decision best taken elsewhere and not always easy depending on budget.

As a beer drinker I must confess that I still enjoy Capital Brewery products. I also enjoy the locally brewed beers from Mr. Nelson's new venture as well. Here in Wisconsin, as you might suspect, there is room for more than one brewer.

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