Sunday, April 12, 2015

J is for JG Development

At the end of the day I like all of the videos I have done over the years for various clients. While the process may have been frustrating and the nature of clients being what and who they are may be frustrating, in the end we are on the same page, we both want something they feel good about and which can promote and market the clients product or service to potential new customers for them.

Anyway, Jeff G, the owner of JG Development, walked in to the Vilas Zoo setting. I put a mic on him and he knocked it (the video not the mic) out of the park. He may have been the rare "one take Jake", someone who felt good in front of a camera and knew what he wanted to say. It is hard to do. I've seen hundreds of people step up and try. I've done it myself. It is hard, but that is part of what makes video a good thing. When done right, the body language, the look, and the feel are all conveyed to your viewer. Call it multimedia I guess, but video turns out to be a great way to deliver a message on several different levels, best done by just being yourself, like Jeff does in this video.

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  1. He did look very comfortable in front of the camera. Nice work too! Good luck with the rest of the A-Z Challenge. Try visiting and commenting on the other participants blogs, you will get more comments!