Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Doctors' Denture Systems

This one goes into my memory as one of the more unique subjects that I've had in front of my camera. Denture manufacturing. Not something most people ever really pay much attention to, until the day comes when teeth make their presence known and necessity awakens awareness. Then you find the "Dr. Ks" of the world. I learned that while this slice of industry is under the radar, it is big business. There are numerous people in need of dentures.

In retrospect, this should not have surprised me. Anytime an industry perceives enough customers to warrant spending money on letter network air time for ads, that in itself says the niche is big business. Dr. Kneepkens realized that as more and more people are able to using a search engine to research his product category before ever making their existence known to him, it was in his best interests to get durable content online that his potential clients could find.

Makes sense to me.

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