Monday, March 14, 2016

Teachable - a new option for showing, sharing, and teaching

QWM has long offered DVD authoring as an option for clients with content that they want to sell. As the years tick by, like so many other things DVDs are gathering a good bit of dust. While they remain entirely valid and useful AND "sellable" for lack of a better word, other options are popping up. Valid, high quality alternatives, like Teachable. Every time I visit their site I find cool examples from businesses that are using Teachable as a platform to show and share and teach AND sell. I think a platform like this exceeds what a DVD can do by far, AND it offers a way better fit for iPads and phones.

I'm sold on it and now that Canoecopia is over, I can construct my own Teachable offerings to show and share and sell a course on making wood paddles. This is a life long personal interest that I have long been dabbling in and selling the occasional paddle and paddle kit. Along the way I wrote a book on it and now this Teachable course, soon to be online and available. Hopefully :)

As a long time videographer and editor, content creation is the best fitting "catch all" vertical that describes what I do for clients. As an indie author and soon to be multimedia course "owner" (maybe creator is the better fit?), I like the many DIY alternatives that are out there, empowering small businesses and making it easier for us to compete with the crusty old dinosaur big businesses that are out there. I think platforms like Teachable, Createspace, and the many indie publishing options like Kindle and ibooks, serve to level the playing field. Content and platform are far better competitive tools than price and old school distribution. Of course the old stuff, like old school blue blood Republicans have not gone away by any means. Hustle and an ability to sell your goods and services remain critical. To me, these new platforms enable those two critical attributes. As other have said in the past -

"...power to the people AND new school Republicans...." Now go make something and sell it!