Friday, November 22, 2013

Tri County basketball and Youtube annotated videos

For the past several years, two of our daughters have worked their way through the Tri-County Girls Basketball program. This is a youth basketball program for southern Wisconsin communities, run by the Health and Athletic Department at Madison College. I see it as one step above City rec league programs and a step away from the competitive, expensive and questionably worthwhile commitment that AAU programs demand. My wife and I have greatly enjoyed Girls Tri-County basketball and think that our daughters have gained skills and some worthy, simple life lessons from playing the competitive game of girls youth basketball in the Tri-County style. I'm sad to see our youngest daughter in her final year of playing those games. Last year I donated a video to the Tri-County program to help them run their coaching meetings online. As I came to understand what Scot, Denise and Scott were trying to do, it occurred to me that an annotated series of videos on YouTube would be a great fit. So that is what Quietwater Media did for Tri-County basketball. There are coaching videos for both boys and girls as well as parent, ref, and background videos. All linked together with the Youtube annotation feature on a branded and named Youtube channel. This year, with the renovations complete at Madison College, we went back and met with Scot Vesterdahl and updated the intro video to showcase the new look of Madison College. I reviewed the work from last year and was happy to see how it holds together and makes it easy for a viewer to go from one topic to another at the click of a button, all the while staying within the Youtube video window. I like this kind of interactivity and think that it greatly serves its purpose when correctly used. I think the Tri-County channel on Youtube fits that criteria. I might be a bit biased, since I am the one that did it, but nonetheless I hope you will take a look and follow along by clicking on some of those buttons and moving from video to video. Scot Vesterdahl is the Tri-County Commissioner, as well as the head coach of the Madison College Wolfpack men's basketball program. Great guy. Denise Stenklyft and Scott Nelson run the Health & Athletics Department (don't quote me on titles or positions:) which administers the program. Also great people! So if you live in southern Wisconsin and have a basketball playing son or daughter in the 4th-8th grade, give Tri-County a spin. Great stuff! P.S. The videos are also captioned, so turn that button on and read along if you want!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Be a Sub for Santa - Family Service Madison

Here's our most recent project - this is an effort to further promote Family Service Madison's "Be a Sub for Santa" program. I created the FSM Youtube channel on Tuesday (11/12) and uploaded it. I see by today Weds 11/13 the video is already at 122 views. Pamel Sta. Amant, the promotions director at FSM had a pretty clear view of what she wanted to do with this video and how she wanted to use it. So far so good. 122 views in 24 hours is a good first day, even discounting by half for internal views. This is a compelling program as is the work that FSM does for those in need in Dane County. An eye opening project.

Friday, November 1, 2013

a Berntsen video about Surveying Targets

Berntsen called a while back and said they had one of their vendors coming in from Germany and they wanted to do a couple videos of the German products while the rep was here. So I spent two very pleasant day at Berntsen International. Great local success story. Great family-owned business. More people need to know about them. This is the second of the videos. most of my projects are unscripted, because most clients opt not to prepare in advance. Tim Klaben, the marketing manager at Berntsen does prepare a script. Bill Rushing, the host in front of the camera, is also quite talented at memorizing scripts and speaking in front of a crowd (or a camera for that matter). Put Bill and a script together and great things happen. The videos I do for Berntsen International go straight to their Youtube channel, where they are used to support their online eCommerce efforts across the planet.