Wednesday, April 16, 2014

View of the Capitol, View of a Video

Cinema Hair Studio is on the Square as it's called. That would be the block made up of the WI State Capitol building. I like the Madison downtown, one end of which is the State Capitol and its many surroundings and the other end is the UW campus. I also like seeing a Quietwater video on a client home page. And that is what you see if you check out the Cinema Hair Studio website. Home page above the crease. Video. There is no one thing that rules the roost when it comes marketing and advertising a business. It seems to me that in this day and age we are seeing many people going to many places and using many different devices and media to receive or search for information on where they want to spend their hard earned dollars. I like the idea of a quiver, e.g. the Hunger Games Robin Hood kind of quiver, full of arrows. Each arrow is a piece of an overall marketing strategy. The quiver represents that strategy. Video is in their as one of those arrows. That video arrow, can also be used multiple times. It can go on a company Facebook page, it can go on a company Youtube channel, on the company blog, and it can go on the company home page. Each online location is used by different people and discovered in different ways. Yes there is some crossover, but each is also unique. All those online venues can host video and all of them can induce and persuade that viewer to become your next customer! P.S. I see Cinema Hair Studio is even called out in Google Maps! Yet one more facet of online marketing and discovery.