Friday, February 14, 2014

another video for Universal AET - business communication for industry

It's trade show season. Quietwater put together the video below for trade show purposes. It's a bit different from what we usually do. For starters it has no sound. But in a trade show environment, any audio, especially the spoken word is lost in the cavernous environs of the arena or hall where the trade show is happening. Context matters and in this case, not using the audio track makes sense since it would be very difficult to hear. This video is also a repurposing of existing content derived from projects over the past couple years, several of them overseas. This happens a fair amount in a project setting. Someone else is on site during the project, usually with a still camera. At some point, sometimes years later, this content is brought forward. Videos are not always moving pictures. A video can be a succession of still images, which is what you see below. It works for a trade show and it is Universal's content, in a real life setting showing their products. I think it works quite well, given that the alternative is nothing.

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