Friday, November 1, 2013

a Berntsen video about Surveying Targets

Berntsen called a while back and said they had one of their vendors coming in from Germany and they wanted to do a couple videos of the German products while the rep was here. So I spent two very pleasant day at Berntsen International. Great local success story. Great family-owned business. More people need to know about them. This is the second of the videos. most of my projects are unscripted, because most clients opt not to prepare in advance. Tim Klaben, the marketing manager at Berntsen does prepare a script. Bill Rushing, the host in front of the camera, is also quite talented at memorizing scripts and speaking in front of a crowd (or a camera for that matter). Put Bill and a script together and great things happen. The videos I do for Berntsen International go straight to their Youtube channel, where they are used to support their online eCommerce efforts across the planet.

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